Privacy Policy

This section details's (KUNDALIMATRIMONY's) treatment of your personal information that it collects and tracks when you are on the site.

We recommend strongly that you carefully read the particulars of our Privacy Policy enumerated below because it relates directly to the information that we collect and track about you:

Please email us with questions regarding our policy.

1. The information collected and/or tracked by is an online site/platform providing matrimonial listing and matching services for our members based on their unique profiles, pre-selected criteria and match preferences created by them, and our matching technology including, but not limited to, compatibility analysis pursuant to the synastry of Jyotish (Guna Milap). Our matching service allows our members to view their matches' profiles and offers the option to express interest, request for further information, or gain contact information based upon satisfaction of certain other criteria including, but not limited to upgrading of their membership plan. To accomplish this asks for certain personal information which is displayed on the site. The personal information, in certain instances, can be of sensitive nature such as physical or mental disability, HIV status and more. All members, without completing their personal information may however browse a portion of the site, and search and view much of their match profiles.

Information Collected and / or Tracked by gathers the following type of information: a. Information directly provided or submitted by users to the Site and Services including through surveys, contests, and questionnaires; and b. Information not directly provided or submitted by users.

Kundali Matrimony does not sell your information to third parties. However, it retains the right to use such information, provided by you and collected or gathered from you, to target content, information, advertising, or promotional material to you.

Kundali Matrimony may also collect bank, credit card and address information to process purchases made by User on the site. Bank, credit-card, and other payment related information, provided by you, is used only for the purpose of payment collection through Merchant Processor and Payment Gateways.

In addition to information provided by Users, Kundali Matrimony also tracks and gathers information about User's likes, dislikes, preferences, viewing habits, and more; so, information collected or gathered by Kundali Matrimony can be classified further into information directly provided by Users and information not directly provided by Users.

Information submitted directly by users

Such information collected by us could be either Public or Private. Public information is defined by us as personal information which we may display and includes, but not limited to, information such as age, telephone number, gender, physical attributes, religion, height, telephone number, photograph, education etc. And Private information is information collected about user other than that shown or displayed on the site and as well as information which could allow others to contact a user other than through

Both Public as well as Private information can be provided to us by anyone on behalf of others including, but not limited to their relative, child, friend, ward or even friend. Such relative, child, friend, ward or other has the option to request removal of such information upon submitting appropriate and necessary proof that the information pertains to him or her.

Public Information: To meet our objective of facilitating introduction and contacts between people through our compatibility analysis and matching technology which, amongst other, also includes the synastry of Jyotish (Guna Milap) we collect sensitive and personal information such as name, username, age, height, income, profession, education level, gender, contact information, location, photographs, time of birth, place and date of birth, username, password, email address, zip or pin code and more.

Private Information: This is the information that members or guests provide us when they use or apply for other services offered by the site or become paid premium subscribers to our matrimonial services. Such information may include, but is not limited to, certain contact numbers, mailing and / or billing address, email address, payment information such as bank details, credit card, debit card numbers, username, password and more. - Privacy Policy
Information not directly submitted

COLLECTIVE or AGGREGATE: Information regarding IP address and Web browser is collected for all users and is not considered personally identifiable. FRAMING: At times the user may appear to be on our site while being on a third-party or partner site; and we achieve this by utilizing framing techniques.

SURVEYS & CONTESTS: Survey and contests may be conducted by the site from time to time and participation is voluntary in them. These surveys and contests may ask you to request contact and other personal and demographic information which you may or may not chose to disclose. does not exchange member's personal information to its Affiliate Partners.

TESTIMONIALS: Satisfied users of our site's services may choose to post testimonials on The site does not post any testimonials prior to obtaining prior approval to post them.

LIVE CHAT: saves information you provide on chats for up to 6 months at least, and sometimes even longer. Kundali Matrimony, however, is under no obligation and provides no assurance of it. These chats at times are used for MIS and tracking purposes by

MESSENGER: is not responsible or liable for any private, personally identifiable, or sensitive information you may share through its online instant messaging function. You are warned that any such information can be collected and used or misused by other users to contact you or send unsolicited messages to you.

MOBILE SERVICES: may allow you to send and receive alerts, messages, and express interest, receive notifications and exchange voice messages.

The charges for such services will be disclosed separately as and when such services are introduced.

2. What does KundaliMatrimony do with the information it collects/tracks?

Except where you are expressly informed otherwise or as described below: Kundali Matrimony does not share, sell, rent, or give away any of your personal information except with your permission. Kundali Matrimony, however, shares credit-card and bank information required with financial institution and merchant account processors that process your credit card or bank transaction. Kundali Matrimony reserves the right to share all information, when and if required by law. Kundali Matrimony retains complete right to use such information, provided by you and collected or gathered from you, to target information, advertising, or promotional material to you. uses the information it collects in the following ways:

Information submitted by Users

Public information can be viewed by other users on the site and used for search and matching purposes. It may or may not be used for identification of a member especially through photographs which a user may or may not choose to post. Members whether free or premium may opt to post their mobile or landline contact numbers and may display those numbers to premium subscribers or free members. The display preference, where provided, can be changed anytime by visiting the Contact Details page.

Private information such as member's email addresses is used to send email notifications, emails on behalf of other users and to verify. Email addresses are not disclosed to users by uses email address for customer services issues, to update users about its services and promote its own or its partner or affiliate sites or even third-party products and services and offers. Users may choose to not receive such emails by unsubscribing for same. Payment and Financial information are used for billing purposes. Except for information supplied at the time of during registration process and payment and financial information collected at the time of a financial transaction all other private information can be updated or deleted by the user at any time by visiting the Profile section.

Updating private information:

• Login to your account

• Under the Profile link on top Click on Edit My Account and Update relevant information and submit, also

• Under the Profile link on top Click on Edit / View Profile and Update relevant information and submit, also

Affiliate partners of are not able to view and access private information of members unless the member has explicitly opted to share such information with affiliate partners and permitted to share such information. does not share private information of its members with third party vendors. strongly advises and recommends users to confirm the intent, identity and authenticity of the person receiving their personally identifiable information prior to revealing such information in messages, SMS, or Messenger.

Information not directly submitted gathers and uses your IP address, server, browser-type, and other information for general administrative purposes and to track users in case of illegal activities.

3. How and with whom does share the information it collects/tracks?

Kundali Matrimony, in addition to, sharing certain User information with his/her matches and even allowing User to share his or her personal information with matches uses such information to target Users with unrelated or related information, content, advertisement and promotional material.

Credit-card, bank and other payment details of Users are not shared with any other entity not involved in the payment collection process and such information is not sold to any third party.

Email addresses are used for verification of enrolment, site updates, private correspondence, advertisement, promotion and customer service purposes. User may, through email settings, choose to receive emails for various other reasons or purposes.

We do not trade, sell, rent, or share any of your personal information except where expressly mentioned on the site or described in this privacy policy statement. However, reserves the right or may even be bound to disclose your personal and any other kind of information, gathered by, when required by the law which may include, but not be limited to, a court order or judicial proceeding, or more.

Based on the information gathered about you, may offer you products and services of its affiliated partners but will not, without your express permission, share your personal information. We advise and recommend that you read the privacy policies of our affiliate partner and their use of your personally identifiable information which you may agree to disclose to them through us or separately.

4. How does KundaliMatrimony link with other sites?

When you leave through links on our site to other websites, you will directly be responsible for the reading and understanding privacy practices of that other web site and will have no responsibility of the same. We advise you to carefully read the privacy statements of other sites and understand fully how they collect private, sensitive, and personally identifiable information.’s privacy statement applies solely to information gathered by the site and not to other sites including, but not limited to, its partners or affiliate partners.

5. What about the use of Cookies?

To recognize repeat User, track usage behaviour and personal preferences, and facilitate quick delivery of various often, or not-so-often, used services, Kundali Matrimony uses cookies. Use of cookies allows us to compile specific and aggregate data, which assists us in making improvements to our content, offerings and services and deliver better targeted information, content, promotional messages, and advertisement to Users.

You may choose to deny cookies or delete cookies file from your computer system if you do not want us to collect such information about you. However, if you choose to disallow or delete cookies, you may not be able to access certain services, features and offerings provided by Kundali Matrimony.

Kundali Matrimony has no access or control over cookies used by its business partners and advertisers on Kundali Matrimony.

Cookies we place are connected to user's personally identifiable information and may very well be responsible for providing user with customized delivery of information and content specific to your liking, preserving your password so that you don't have to re-enter when you visit different pages on the site and for various other purposes.

6. Can I update and remove personal information?

Users may change or remove most public or private information from’s database except certain account related information collected either during registration or cancellation of registration and financial and payment related information gathered during financial transactions, which users may not be able to modify or remove.

Kundali Matrimony allows Users to change and display most private or public information at will. No obscene, unacceptable, publicly unacceptable content or Intellectual Property (IP), such as photo, videos, and images; may be posted or displayed on Kundali Matrimony; and Kundali Matrimony reserves the exclusive right to remove such material from it site without notice or warning. Kundali Matrimony retains the right to be the sole determinant of acceptability or unacceptability of any information, comment, link, and IP posted by Users on

7. How will I receive information about change in privacy policy?

Kundali Matrimony, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to change its Privacy Policies or Terms & Condition of Use. will promptly post a link on its Kundali Matches page (home page) to any material change to its privacy policy or the use of personally identifiable information in a manner materially different from that stated herein or at the time the information was collected. may even choose to notify you of such changes by way of an email.

User may choose to cancel their User accounts on Kundali Matrimony if they disagree with, one or more, changes to its privacy policies or terms of use.

8. Tell me about security of my personal information

Kundali Matrimony takes necessary precaution to protect sensitive information of Users, both online and as well as offline. Sensitive information, such as credit card, and bank details are encrypted and protected with SSL - Secured Socket Layer.

We can be emailed at for any questions that you may have about the security at our website.

9. What is's Email Policy? stays in contact with users extensively via email and has various email services such as:

• Your Kundali (birth chart) related information and notices

• Action or response by member (user) to your profile

• Informing you about your matches

• Announcements of events and occasions, notices & newsletters updating you changes and features on the site, and

• Offers from affiliates and partners

• Important notifications affecting your services

• And others.

Kundali Matrimony, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to send advertisements, important information about User's account, private communication or certain newsletters and promotional information to the email ID provided by User.

For a few parts, through email settings, User decides what email communication he / she would like to receive from Kundali Matrimony and other Users at Kundali Matrimony also allows you to forward your match profiles to your friends and family members and we may even approach them via emails and promotional email campaigns which may be our own or our advertisers, business partners or affiliates.

10. How do I contact

We can be contacted at and would be glad to answer any questions that you may have about the site or this privacy policy statement.

11. Revision Date

This Agreement was last revised on March 20, 2024.